Welcome to Bravely Beautiful!

This is part of the blog where I spill the depths of my heart and soul. Where my authenticity and vulnerability leads the way. Where my past meets my present. These are my ‘Soulful Sunday’ reads filled with inspiring words.

This is where you can find my stories. The stories that shaped me. The words that I hope resonate with you to inspire YOU to own your own stories. I hope they encourage you to be brave enough to look into your past and show up in your present as your most authentic self. This is where I want to encourage YOU to be YOU.

These are my Bravely Beautiful moments.



Every morning I wake up I write a list of my 5 ‘get to do’ things that day, and my 5 top dreams in that moment. The biggest dreams I could dream up in that moment.
(Thanks to an amazing Astrologer for this tip – Jill from Spirit Daughter)

This is the part of the blog where you’ll find my lists.
The lists of Top Fives moving through all things consciousness.
Tips, tricks and things that set my soul on fire. You can find all of this here.

So prepare to find new Podcasts, Instagram accounts, Songs, and ways to dig deep into your soul.


If you are into anything astrology and learning about cosmic love… you’ve come to the right place! Astrology is something I find so fascinating and love to dive into. I am not an astrologer BUT one day… I will be! (HELLO MANIFESTED)

This is where you’ll find my reflections of what’s going on with the stars above and how it’s effecting my and the collective energy.

This is where I’ll post my learning, funny little things about my perspectives on each of the signs and over all just a fun little addition to the Blog.


My anchor.

This is the section where I’ll put a conscious spin on all things Health and Wellness. This topic is one that I have been on a journey learning about. I could talk about it FOR HOURS and will continue to implement it into my life for years to come.

This is my anchor- but it hasn’t always been that way.

This is where I go into how movement and focusing on my health changed my life.

You’ll find things from my stories, what I’m learning, various workout routines I’m loving, fitness classes and studios I absolutely love, and I may even prompt you to dig deeper into your subconscious about what health and wellness means to you.


Real talk- we need to be speaking up and connecting with one another more about this. It’s NOT a taboo subject any longer because of the people standing up and speaking out about their journeys through Mental Health.

This is Bravely Beautiful.

For this precise reason that’s exactly why I’ve added a Mental Health section to my blog. I have struggled with trying to find ways to combat my anxiety through the years and my BIG emotions. I hope by telling my stories and highlighting things that have worked- I’ll encourage others to speak their stories. Connecting us, and giving us a space to support one another.

You can expect to see my stories here and hopefully one day- others as well.


This is the section where you’ll find my thoughts and opinions all based around relationships. You know, our biggest teachers!

Where I’ll speak on conscious connections we make in our lives. I’ll question myself and everything we’ve learned from our society up until now on what relationships are here to teach us.

You’ll find sections on people/ mentors I learn from, people who expand my mind and who inspire me to rip open my heart and really get at those wounds, all so I can live a heart centered life.

You might even find a few love stories.